Oklahoma Joe Bronco Vs Pro

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Vs Pro (Ultimate Comparison!)

Oklahoma Joe Bronco vs Pro, which is better?

When it comes to the world of grilling and smoking, the name ‘Oklahoma Joe’ is synonymous with quality and excellence.

With a rich history dating back to 1987, Oklahoma Joe has established itself as a prominent player in the outdoor cooking arena.

However, many people, including myself, have a hard time deciding between the Oklahoma joe bronco and the Pro.

I’ve had a bronco for three years and so far, I have no complaints. However, I’d like to hold bigger parties with the holidays approaching and therefore, I’ve been looking to purchase the pro as well.

With that in mind, I did a deep dive to find out the difference between bronco and pro so I can understand what I’m getting myself into.

Here’s what I found. 

Brief introduction to the Bronco and Pro models

Within the diverse lineup of Oklahoma Joe’s impressive range of smokers sits two standout contenders: The Bronco and The Pro.

These models are crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each designed to cater to different preferences and cooking styles.

The Oklahoma Joe Bronco is a compact yet powerful drum smoker that encapsulates everything one could desire in a portable unit.

Its unique barrel design ensures efficient airflow throughout its body, while also providing excellent heat retention for consistent cooking temperatures.

With multiple cooking grates stacked on top of each other, you have ample space for large quantities of food or the option for multi-level cooking.

On the other hand, we have The Pro – an offset smoker built with traditional charm but enhanced with modern features.

This heavyweight champion boasts heavy-gauge steel construction designed for superior heat retention that allows you to achieve those mouthwatering, smoky flavors.

With its separate firebox and cooking chamber, The Pro offers versatility in controlling the heat and smoke, making it ideal for slow-cooking meats to perfection.

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Description of the Unique Barrel Design

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Vs Pro


When it comes to the Oklahoma Joe Bronco, one of its standout features is its unique barrel design.

The barrel is not just for aesthetics; it is specifically designed to ensure efficient airflow and heat retention during the cooking process.

The shape of the barrel allows for a natural draft, which promotes even heat distribution throughout the cooking chamber.

This means your food will be cooked evenly, without any hot or cold spots. Furthermore, the barrel design also helps in maintaining a consistent temperature inside the grill.

The airflow dynamics within the barrel create a sort of convection effect, ensuring that heat circulates evenly around your food. 

Large Cooking Capacity and Multiple Cooking Grates

If you’re someone who loves to entertain or has a big family to feed like me, then you’ll appreciate the generous cooking capacity offered by the Oklahoma Joe Bronco.

It boasts ample space to cook for a crowd, with multiple cooking grates that provide flexibility in terms of what and how much you can cook at once.

With its large cooking surface area, you can easily fit multiple racks of ribs or several whole chickens on different levels.

This is especially advantageous when you want to cook different types of food simultaneously but require separate temperature zones for each item.

Whether it’s burgers on one level and vegetables on another or steaks on high heat and slow-cooked pork shoulder on low heat – the Bronco’s multiple grates make it possible without compromising flavor or quality.

Convenient Ash Removal System

Cleaning up after a barbecue session can be quite tedious, but Oklahoma Joe has taken care of this with their Bronco model.

It features a convenient ash removal system that makes cleaning up after every cookout hassle-free.

The ash removal system consists of a large tray located beneath the firebox that collects all the ashes and debris from your grilling or smoking session.

By simply sliding out the tray, you can easily dispose of the ashes without creating a mess.

This not only saves you time but also ensures that your grill remains in optimal condition for future use.

No more digging through ash-filled chambers or struggling with complicated cleaning procedures – the Bronco simplifies the process, allowing you to focus on what matters most: enjoying delicious grilled food.

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Sturdy Construction and Durable Materials

When investing in a grill, I’ve found that durability is an important factor to consider. The Oklahoma Joe Bronco does not disappoint in this regard.

It is built to last with its sturdy construction and high-quality materials.

The body of the grill is crafted from heavy-gauge steel, which not only helps with heat retention but also ensures long-lasting durability even under extreme weather conditions.

The grates are made of cast iron, known for its ability to withstand high temperatures and provide excellent heat distribution.

Additionally, all components are expertly welded together, adding strength and stability to the overall structure.

This means that your Bronco will remain solid and reliable throughout countless grilling adventures, making it a worthwhile investment for any barbecue enthusiast seeking longevity in their outdoor cooking equipment.

Features of the Oklahoma Joe Pro

1. Heavy-Gauge Steel Construction

The Oklahoma Joe Pro is constructed using heavy-gauge steel that’s built to withstand the test of time.

This robust material not only provides exceptional durability but also excels in retaining heat like a seasoned professional.

By trapping and distributing heat evenly throughout the cooking chamber, the heavy-gauge steel ensures consistent temperatures across your whole grilling surface. 

2. Amply Sized Cooking Surface

One aspect where the Oklahoma Joe Pro truly shines is its amply sized cooking surface.

With adjustable grates and generous dimensions, this smoker offers unparalleled flexibility in accommodating various types of food and cooking methods.

Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue party with all your friends or simply want to have multiple dishes smoking simultaneously, rest assured that there’s enough room on this behemoth of a grill for everyone’s cravings.

Beyond just size alone, versatility is another feather in its cap thanks to adjustable grates.

You can easily manipulate their height according to your preferences or specific recipes—be it searing directly over high heat or achieving low and slow perfection.

With the Oklahoma Joe Pro, you have the freedom to tailor your cooking experience to suit your culinary desires.

3. Additional Features

To sweeten the deal, the Oklahoma Joe Pro also comes with a range of additional features that add convenience and functionality.

This smoker boasts built-in temperature gauges, allowing you to keep a close eye on the internal heat without constantly opening the lid and losing precious smoke.

Storage shelves come in handy for keeping utensils, seasonings, or even prepped ingredients within reach while you work your magic at the grill.

And let’s not forget about mobility—the Oklahoma Joe Pro is equipped with sturdy wheels that make it easier than ever to transport this heavy-duty grill wherever your barbecue adventures take you.

The Oklahoma Joe Pro offers an irresistible combination of traditional offset smoker design, heavy-gauge steel construction for superior heat retention, a large cooking surface area with adjustable grates for versatile cooking options, and additional features like temperature gauges, storage shelves, and wheels for mobility.

With its impressive array of features and attention to detail, this grill is sure to elevate your outdoor cooking game to new heights.

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Oklahoma Joe Bronco Vs Pro (Cooking Performance)

1. Temperature Control Capabilities

When it comes to temperature control, I’ve found that both the Oklahoma Joe Bronco and Pro models excel in their own unique ways.

The Bronco, with its innovative barrel design, ensures consistent heat throughout the cooking process.

The airflow system in the barrel allows for efficient heat retention, meaning you won’t have to worry about temperature fluctuations while grilling your favorite cuts of meat.

Whether you’re searing steaks or slow-smoking ribs, the Bronco maintains a stable cooking environment that guarantees delicious results.

On the other hand, the Oklahoma Joe Pro showcases its expertise with an offset smoker design that offers exceptional temperature control.

With a separate firebox and cooking chamber, you have complete control over how much heat reaches your food.

This allows for precise adjustments when aiming for different temperature ranges.

Want to achieve a perfect sear on a steak? The Pro can reach high temperatures quickly and maintain them accurately.

Looking to slow-cook some mouthwatering pulled pork? The Pro’s ability to sustain low temperatures for extended periods will make your barbecue dreams come true.

2. Heat Distribution across Cooking Surfaces

When it comes to heat distribution across their respective cooking surfaces, I’ve found that there are slight differences between the Bronco and Pro models.

The Bronco’s multiple cooking grates ensure even heat distribution throughout its generous cooking area.

This means that regardless of where you place your food on the grates, each piece will receive optimum heat exposure for uniform cooking.

As for the Oklahoma Joe Pro, its large cooking surface area combined with adjustable grates provides versatility in heat distribution.

You can position your food closer or farther away from the firebox depending on your desired level of direct or indirect heat.

This capability allows for customized cooking experiences tailored to your preferences and recipes.

Both the Oklahoma Joe Bronco and Pro models offer remarkable temperature control capabilities.

The Bronco’s barrel design provides consistent heat retention, while the Pro’s offset smoker design allows for precise adjustments.

Additionally, the heat distribution across their cooking surfaces ensures even cooking with slight variations based on the model.

Whether you choose the Bronco or Pro, rest assured that your grilling endeavors will be met with exceptional performance and mouthwatering results.

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Vs Pro (Portability and Ease of Use)

When it comes to portability, both the Oklahoma Joe Bronco and Pro models have their own advantages.

The Bronco, with its compact yet robust barrel design, is relatively lightweight and easy to transport. It’s perfect for backyard cookouts or taking it along for a camping trip with family or friends.

And the best part? It comes with built-in handles that allow you to grab hold of it securely.

You won’t have to worry about straining your back while moving it around.

On the other hand, the Pro model offers a more traditional offset smoker design with a separate firebox and cooking chamber.

While this does make it slightly bulkier than the Bronco, it also adds an element of ruggedness that some barbecue enthusiasts appreciate.

However, due to its larger size and weight, moving the Pro model may require a bit more effort.

But fear not! It comes equipped with sturdy wheels that make transportation smoother, especially over uneven surfaces like gravel or grass.

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Vs Pro (User-Friendliness)

Both the Bronco and Pro models are designed with user-friendliness in mind, going beyond mere portability considerations.

For instance, if you’re someone who likes having all your grilling tools within reach while cooking up a storm, you’ll love what these smokers offer.

The Bronco boasts convenient side tables on both sides of the barrel.

These tables provide ample space for prepping ingredients or keeping utensils nearby for quick access during your grilling adventures.

Additionally, there are hooks where you can hang your tongs, spatulas, or any other BBQ tools you might need on hand.

Similarly, the Pro model doesn’t fall short when it comes to user-friendly features either.

It includes spacious side shelves that provide even more workspace for your grilling needs. Whether you need a spot to place your sauces or marinated meats, these shelves have got you covered.

Plus, they can also come in handy for resting cooked dishes or keeping ingredients organized while you focus on tending to the fire.

While the Oklahoma Joe Bronco and Pro models differ slightly in terms of portability and ease of use, both offer convenient features that enhance your overall grilling experience.

Whether it’s the lightweight and easily transportable Bronco with its built-in handles or the sturdier, yet still maneuverable

Pro model with its wheels and side shelves, these smokers cater to various needs and preferences.

The choice ultimately comes down to your specific requirements regarding mobility and additional features that would make your grilling sessions a breeze.

Oklahoma Joe Bronco Vs Pro (Price Comparison )

When considering the price of the Oklahoma Joe Bronco versus the Pro model, it’s essential to take into account the features and functionalities each model offers.

The Bronco, with its innovative barrel design and convenient ash removal system, tends to be more budget-friendly compared to the Pro.

The Bronco provides excellent value for money without compromising on cooking capacity or durability.

On the other hand, the Oklahoma Joe Pro, with its traditional offset smoker design and heavy-gauge steel construction, is generally priced slightly higher than the Bronco.

However, this higher price point is justified by its superior heat retention capabilities and larger cooking surface area.

The Pro also comes with additional features like temperature gauges, storage shelves, and wheels for enhanced convenience.

Ultimately, when deciding between these two models based on price, budget-conscious buyers may find the Oklahoma Joe Bronco more appealing.

However, those who prioritize advanced features and durability might be willing to invest a bit more in the Pro model.

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Oklahoma Joe Bronco Vs Pro (Conclusion)

In my opinion, both the Oklahoma Joe Bronco and Pro models offer impressive grilling experiences with their unique characteristics.

The Bronco stands out for its affordability while still providing ample cooking space and user-friendly features like an efficient airflow system.

On the other hand, the Pro showcases exceptional heat retention properties alongside a larger cooking surface area.

No matter which model you choose based on your preferences or budget constraints, both options are sure to elevate your grilling game.

Oklahoma Joe has built a solid reputation in delivering high-quality smokers that satisfy even seasoned pitmasters.

So whether you’re a novice looking to start your barbecue journey or an experienced grill enthusiast seeking an upgrade, rest assured that either of these models will provide you with deliciously smoked meats that will make your taste buds sing. 

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