Big Green Egg Xxl Vs 2xl

Big Green Egg Xxl Vs 2xl (Ultimate Comparison!)

Big Green Egg Xxl vs 2xl, which is better?

If you’re someone who appreciates the art of barbecuing, smoking, and grilling, then you’ve probably heard of the Big Green Egg.

This iconic kamado-style charcoal grill has gained a cult following for its exceptional temperature control, versatility, and mouthwatering results. 

In this article, we will delve into a comparison between two of their larger models: the Big Green Egg XXL vs 2XL.

Here’s a brief overview of the differences and similarities between the two models. 

From what I’ve found, there really isn’t much difference between the XXL and 2XL models. Both have a cooking area of 672 square inches, diameter of 29 inches,  and weight of 375 lbs. The main difference is in their height. While the 2XL is 40 inches tall, the XXL is 35 inches tall.

Read on as we dive deeper into the comparison between the Big Green Egg Xxl and 2xl so you can know the difference.

Let’s begin!

What Exactly Is A Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg Xxl Vs 2xl

The Big Green Egg is not your average grill—it’s a ceramic cooker that combines ancient cooking techniques with modern engineering. 

Inspired by traditional Japanese kamado cookers used for centuries, this ingenious design allows for precise temperature regulation to achieve those coveted low-and-slow barbecue results or searingly hot temperatures for quick grilling.

The ceramic construction retains heat incredibly well and imparts unrivaled flavor into your culinary creations. 

In my opinion, one of the key features that sets the Big Green Egg apart is its versatility.

It can be used as a grill, smoker, or even an outdoor oven. 

Whether you’re searing steaks to perfection or baking pizzas with crispy crusts, this all-in-one appliance has got you covered.

Introduction To The XXL And 2XL Models

The XXL and 2XL are two titans in the Big Green Egg lineup. 

Both models are built on similar principles but offer different sizes and capacities to cater to various cooking needs. 

The XXL model is designed for those who require maximum cooking space—perfect for large gatherings or commercial use where volume matters most.

The 2XL model also boasts an impressive size but offers some unique advantages over its sibling models. 

It strikes a balance between capacity and convenience—ideal for avid entertainers who want to cook for a crowd but also consider portability and storage options.

Now that we’ve set the stage, let’s dive deeper into the specifics of each model to see how they compare in terms of size, cooking surface area, distinct features, and more. 

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The Big Green Egg XXL

Let’s start with the features of the XXL

1.Size and Capacity Comparison With Other Models

When it comes to size and capacity, the Big Green Egg XXL stands tall among its siblings. 

With a cooking surface area of a whopping 672 square inches and diameter of 29 inches, this colossal kamado grill can easily accommodate large quantities of food.

In fact, it surpasses the XL model by approximately 30% in terms of cooking space. 

Whether you’re planning a family gathering or hosting a commercial event, the XXL offers ample room to cook multiple dishes simultaneously.

The XXL weighs 375 lbs and has a height of 35 inches

2.Cooking Surface Area and Versatility

The prime advantage of the Big Green Egg XXL lies in its vast cooking surface area. 

Its generous dimensions make it ideal for grilling, smoking, baking, or roasting just about anything you desire.

You can easily fit several racks of ribs, multiple whole chickens or turkeys, or even large cuts of meat like briskets or pork shoulders on its spacious grate. 

The versatility doesn’t stop there; the XXL also caters to those who love experimenting with different cooking styles.

3.Ability To Cook Multiple Items Simultaneously

One remarkable feature that sets the Big Green Egg XXL apart from other models is its ability to cook multiple items at once. 

Thanks to its expansive cooking surface area and excellent heat distribution provided by the ceramic shell construction, you can effortlessly prepare various dishes without worrying about cross-contamination or flavor intermingling. 

Imagine grilling juicy steaks on one side while smoking tender vegetables on the other – all within a single grill!

4.Suitable for Large Gatherings or Commercial Use

Whether you’re planning an outdoor feast for a large group of friends or organizing an event for your business catering needs, the Big Green Egg XXL has got your back! 

Its spacious cooking chamber ensures that everyone’s taste buds are satisfied.

This model is highly sought after by professional caterers or those who frequently host large parties or backyard barbecues. 

With its impressive capacity and versatility, the XXL proves to be a reliable and efficient choice for those seeking to cook for a crowd.

5.Unique features of the XXL model

Apart from its size and capacity, the Big Green Egg XXL boasts some unique features that further enhance the grilling experience. 

One of these is the patented insulation technology that allows for exceptional temperature control. 

This means you can easily maintain your desired heat levels for extended periods, ensuring perfectly cooked meals every time.

Additionally, the XXL comes equipped with a durable stainless steel cooking grid that not only provides even heat distribution but also offers easy cleaning after use. 

These distinctive features make the XXL an excellent investment for both amateur grill enthusiasts and seasoned professionals alike.

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The Big Green Egg 2XL

Next, let’s take a look at the 2XL

1.Size and Capacity Comparison

When it comes to size and capacity, the Big Green Egg 2XL truly stands out among its peers. 

It is a behemoth, offering an awe-inspiring cooking space that will make any grill enthusiast’s heart skip a beat.

In fact, the 2XL also has an impressive cooking area of nearly 672 square inches! 

To put this into perspective, you can easily fit two large turkeys or multiple racks of ribs on its spacious grates.

Comparing it with the XXL model, the 2XL still holds its own in terms of size and capacity. 

While the XXL may have a slight edge in terms of overall dimensions, the difference is minimal.

The 2XL has a diameter of 29 inches, weight of 2375 pounds, and a height of 40 inches.

Where the 2XL shines is in its ability to hold an astounding amount of food at once. 

Whether you’re planning a backyard cookout or hosting a big event, rest assured that this giant grill will handle anything you throw at it.

2.Cooking Surface Area and Versatility

One of the main reasons why many grill aficionados choose the Big Green Egg 2XL is its incredible cooking surface area and versatility. 

With such ample space to work with, you’ll have no trouble experimenting with various cooking techniques or accommodating different types of food simultaneously.

Whether you’re grilling steaks, smoking briskets low and slow, roasting whole chickens or even baking pizzas – all can be done effortlessly on this mighty grill. 

The cooking surface area allows for easy placement of multiple grates and accessories without overcrowding your food.

Furthermore, if you enjoy hosting parties or events at your place, the Big Green Egg 2XL is your ultimate companion! 

Its vast capacity ensures that you can feed a hungry crowd without breaking a sweat.

Gone are the days when you had to worry about continuously preparing food in batches or running out of grill space. 

With the 2XL, you have the power to impress your guests with a variety of mouthwatering dishes, all cooked to perfection.

3.Distinctive Features

The Big Green Egg 2XL boasts a couple of distinctive features that enhance its performance and make it an absolute pleasure to use. 

First and foremost is its enhanced airflow system, which allows for precise temperature regulation.

This feature enables you to maintain consistent heat levels throughout your cooking process, ensuring that every bite is as delectable as the last. 

Additionally, the 2XL model comes equipped with an integrated thermometer.

This handy tool eliminates the need for guesswork and allows you to monitor the internal temperature of your grill with accuracy. 

This ensures that your food is cooked precisely as desired—no more undercooked or overcooked meals!

If you’re looking for a grill that offers tremendous size and capacity along with versatile cooking options, the Big Green Egg 2XL is undoubtedly worth considering. 

Its ability to handle large quantities of food makes it ideal for hosting parties or events while its additional features guarantee precise control over cooking temperatures for outstanding results every time you fire it up.

Big Green Egg Xxl Vs 2xl (Which Is Better?)

When it comes to design and construction, both the Big Green Egg XXL and 2XL models share many similarities. 

They are both made from the same high-quality ceramic material known for its excellent heat retention properties.

This allows for consistent temperature control during cooking, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection every time. 

In terms of construction, both models feature a sturdy and durable design.

The ceramic material is thick and well-insulated, which helps to keep the heat inside while preventing any unwanted fluctuations in temperature. 

This ensures that your food is cooked evenly without any hot spots or cold areas.

Additionally, both the XXL and 2XL models come with a stainless steel cooking grid which not only adds to their durability but also makes cleaning up a breeze. 

The grid provides ample space for cooking large quantities of food at once, making them ideal for hosting gatherings or catering events.

Differences in size, weight, and cooking capacity

One of the main differences between the XXL and 2XL models lies in their size, weight, and cooking capacity. 

Both the XXL and 2XL boast an impressive diameter of 29 inches.

In addition, both the XXL and 2XL weigh approximately 375 pounds. 

Their weight can affect portability as moving a heavier grill may require more effort or assistance.

Considering cooking capacity, both models offer about 672 square inches of cooking surface area.

This makes both of them perfect for cooking for larger groups or accommodating various types of food simultaneously.

So as you can see, the XXL and 2XL are practically the same.

Therefore, when choosing between them, it’s important to consider your personal preferences. 

Accessories available for both models

When it comes to accessories, both the Big Green Egg XXL and 2XL models offer a wide range of options to elevate your grilling game. 

One essential accessory is the heat deflector, which helps distribute heat evenly and prevents flare-ups.

Whether you’re searing steaks or slow cooking a tender brisket, the heat deflector ensures consistent heat throughout the cooking process. 

Additionally, you can find a variety of grids, grates, and racks designed to fit perfectly inside these larger models.

The grid options include stainless steel and cast iron variations that provide different cooking surfaces for various types of food. 

From delicate vegetables to succulent seafood or juicy burgers, you’ll have all the necessary equipment to achieve restaurant-quality results right in your backyard.

The Tools That Make a Difference

For enthusiasts looking to embrace their inner grill master, Big Green Egg offers an array of tools and utensils specifically designed to enhance your cooking experience. 

From ash tools for easy cleanup after grilling sessions to convEGGtors that enable indirect cooking methods like smoking or baking, these tools are indispensable companions for any Big Green Egg owner.

Moreover, accessories like grill grippers provide a safe way to handle hot grids or remove them when necessary. 

Thermometers calibrated specifically for use with Big Green Eggs ensure accurate temperature readings at all times.

You can even find specialty items such as pizza stones and woks tailored for use with these versatile cookers – allowing you to explore new culinary horizons right from your own backyard. 

Investing in quality accessories not only expands your culinary repertoire but also ensures that you get the most out of your Big Green Egg XXL or 2XL model.

These add-ons truly unlock the full potential of these versatile cookers, giving you the opportunity to experiment with different flavors and techniques with confidence. 

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Big Green Egg Xxl Vs 2xl (Conclusion)

When weighing your options between the Big Green Egg XXL and 2XL models, it’s crucial to take into account factors like construction materials and additional features that influence their respective price ranges. 

These two models are very similar and therefore, it’s up to you to make a choice based on your personal preferences. .

Ultimately, both models excel in delivering superior performance when it comes to grilling or smoking delectable dishes with just the right flavors. 

So whether you choose an XXL or a 2XL, you can rest assured that you’ll be investing in a top-notch grill that will elevate your culinary experiences.

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How big is XXL Big Green Egg?

The XXL Big Green Egg is the largest model in the Big Green Egg lineup. It has a cooking surface area of 84 square inches and can cook for up to 20 people. It is 29 inches in diameter and 40 inches tall.

Is there an XXL Green Egg?

Yes, there is an XXL Green Egg. It is the largest model in the Big Green Egg lineup. It has a cooking surface area of 84 square inches and can cook for up to 20 people.

What is the difference between the large and extra large Green Egg?

The main difference between the Large and XXL Green Egg is the cooking surface area. The Large has a cooking surface area of 42 square inches, while the XXL has a cooking surface area of 84 square inches. The XXL is also slightly taller than the Large.


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